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Con Sonar! and Slash! bgX go free!

We are pleased to announce that the bgX for Con Sonar! and Slash! just went free on Google Play! You can now enjoy Exequor Studios' world-first official mobile game extensions at no extra charge! Although the Con Sonar! and Slash! board games can be enjoyed on without them, the addition of bgX mobile apps greatly enhance the experience by adding new features and rules! Use the experimental sonar in Con Sonar! or go through a grizzly real-time slaughter-fest in Slash!

M.O.A.R. is coming, and a new, unannounced title

Updates have been few and far-between outside of twitter, but a few things are noteworthy:

Help us bring you Heroes of Zulula M.O.A.R. edition!

The Mega-Optimum-Advanced-Rebooted edition of Heroes of Zulula would bring the humour and strategy of Heroes of Zulula to several platform including PC, Mac, iOS and would dramatically improve the Android edition.

Planned addition:

Slash! cuts its way through The Game Crafter and the Android Market!

MONTREAL, CANADA, November 19th, 2011

Following Con Sonar, the first ever board game with an official smart phone app extension, Exequor Studios released The Game Crafter Mashup Contest finalist Slash! earlier today.

Con Sonar! hits the market

Con Sonar! logo

MONTREAL, CANADA, October 5th, 2011

The first ever board game with an official smartphone app extension, Con Sonar! was released earlier today through The Game Crafter while its extension has landed on the Android Market, with more smartphone platforms in the works.

New website, lots of new things coming up!

Welcome to the newly redesigned Exequor Studios website. Things might look a bit basic now but new content will be added soon. You can visit the "Our Games" section for information about our current releases. Just above is a sneak peek at things to come:

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