Con Sonar! hits the market

Con Sonar! logo

MONTREAL, CANADA, October 5th, 2011

The first ever board game with an official smartphone app extension, Con Sonar! was released earlier today through The Game Crafter while its extension has landed on the Android Market, with more smartphone platforms in the works.

From beneath the ocean surface, boomer submarines from the six nuclear nations are preparing to launch their radioactive payload. In Con Sonar! your goal is to sink more enemy submarines than the other players, while making sure your own subs survive. Con Sonar! is an exciting, quick and chaotic card game filled with twists and turns. It is the first to use Exequor Studios' bgX technology. Using your smartphone and the associated bgX app, you can enhance the base game experience with the addition of the experimental sonar!

We're very excited to bring forth this new line of products that merge the classic table-top experience with modern-day smartphone technology. The Board Game eXtension, or bgX, creates a never-before seen official link between these two forms of entertainment. Players can still purchase only the board game and get a complete experience, but by adding the smartphone app, they get a better, sometimes much different game.

Check out Con Sonar! on The Game Crafter here and download the bgX from the Android Market here

Look foward to more bgX titles, one of them coming frighteningly soon!