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Slash! cuts its way through The Game Crafter and the Android Market!

MONTREAL, CANADA, November 19th, 2011

Following Con Sonar, the first ever board game with an official smart phone app extension, Exequor Studios released The Game Crafter Mashup Contest finalist Slash! earlier today.

Set in Camp Bloodshed USA, where every teenager is a target and every dark corridor hides terrible danger, Slash! is an exciting and scary board game for up to six players. Like its predecessor Con Sonar!, it features bgX technology. Using the optional bgX app turns this traditional tabletop game into a frenzied real time horror fest where a serial killer can jump out of the shadows at any time and threaten one of the game’s hapless teenagers.

We’re very excited to rapidly follow through with a second board game featuring bgX technology. We truly believe this technology brings a refreshing new angle to the classic board game experience and we’re looking forward to bringing you even more bgX-enhanced board games in the future!

Check out Slash! on The Game Crafter here and download the bgX from Google Play here

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