Exequor Studios Inc.

Heroes of Zulula MOAR launches on iOS and Android!

MONTREAL, CANADA, November 9th, 2013

Indie studio Exequor has released the long awaited reboot of Heroes of Zulula.  Dubbed the “MOAR edition”, this new version is available on both Google Play Android and the iOS App Store.

Heroes of Zulula is a strategy RPG game which sees the vile Akolan declaring himself the overlord of Zulula, and his first order of business is to ban the traditional tournaments of Zulula forever. Ex-champions Grunty the Cyclop, Ledouche the Knight and Oulette the Slime join forces along with other combatants to defeat Akolan and bring the tournaments back to Zulula.

As you take on Akolan, you will move your armies around 10 battlefield areas in turn-based strategic play, establishing a battle plan and positioning your forces for action in real-time simulated combat.

Heroes of Zulula also features:

  • MOAR Strategies and Tactics
  • MOAR Trolling and Lulz
  • MOAR Ds (Actually, 3Ds)
  • MOAR Crap monsters (literal crap, not figurative crap)
  • MOAR Walking eyeballs
  • MOAR Graphics (at least 3 Graphics)
  • MOAR Wacky characters (see: walking eyeball)
  • MOAR Drama
  • MOAR Combats with Arena Mode

For MOAR information visit The Official Heroes of Zulula Homepage