Tales of the U.S.C.A. is a space shooter (shmup) set in the year 2432. Humanity went to the stars, and brought with it old conflicts that will play out in the depths of space. The United States Colonial Authority is there to help spread freedom and democracy to the stars. Being the only organization having colonial rights from the Earth Directorate, the U.S.C.A. has a monopoly on all outworld colonies. But trouble is brewing at home, and on the discontented colonies of the Barnard system.
  • Classic 2D Shoot'em up action rendered with Ogre, a state-of-the-art 3D rendering engine.
  • More than 10 levels of intense cinematic shooting action.
  • Watch the story unfold from different perspectives including a U.S.C.A. recruit and a Bolivarian Commonwealth ace pilot.
  • Strong narrative inspired by today's political canvas.
  • One-handed mouse-only controls for intuitive, accessible action.
  • Select from a vast array of ships, primary and secondary weapons.
  • Unleash massive level-specific super-attack with different effects.
  • Take part in deep space and surface missions, in the Groombridge system, the Barnard system and even Earth.
The list of features will grow as details become available.

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Unless otherwise specified: Christian Boutin
Music: Vincent Lauzon
Character Design: Hoang Khan Le
Shader Guru: Pierre Morcello
Special Thanks: Stephan Giard

Ogre3D, Blender, QuickGUI, Gimp
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about universe media get it